Mike Sanders - Coach & Trainer

7 Critical Mistakes Employees Make in a Downsizing

"7 Critical Mistakes Employees Make in a Downsizing" discusses the seven key mistakes employees make before, during and after workforce reductions.  This book also provides tools for employees to use to prevent these common mistakes as well as remedies for each.

Available on Amazon ​in paperback & Kindle.​

Advanced Multitasking

"Advanced Multitasking: Do more, Work less, Be happy" provides a proven model to master your time to achieve your personal and professional goals. Key concepts include advanced task management, tasking under the influence (TUI), and mastering your inner CEO. 

Available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle.

Coaching and Training

Unique and customized personal development coaching and business soft-skills training for success using a simple and successful process. Together, we identify who you really are, find out what you really want, and then I show you how to get it! 

Tailored Soft-Skills Training

Business soft-skiils training targets the specific needs of each person and typically results from personal development coaching.  Business skills include power writing, SuperConnectivity™, power presentations, effective communications, Advanced Multitasking™, stress management, and conflict management.

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