Conflict Management Webinar
Skillful Conflict shows how to identify and analyze the right problems to confront, assess yourself appropriately, confront the problem with power, motivate with influence, and reinforce success. 

"7 Critical Mistakes Employees make in a Downsizing" provides the 7 typical mistakes employees make in force reductions and their remedies.

‚ÄčAdvanced Communication Webinar

SuperConnectivity comprises three advanced management techniques to gain influence and achieve personal and organizational goals. Interacive with quick reference cards. 

Advanced Time Management Webinar
Advanced Multitasking presents techniques to better manage your time and achieve your personal and professional goals. More information available in "Advanvced Multitasking" available on 

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"Advanced Multitasking: Do more, Work less, Be happy" provides proven model to master your time to achieve personal and professional goals.